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Anonymous asked:

It's sooooooo hard for me to orgasm. What should I do?! The only thing that works is clit action ):



That’s very normal and common. Try combining vaginal and/or anal penetration with clitoral stimulation. Once you connect those two feelings of pleasure, it will make penetration more enjoyable. I starting out the same way and now I much prefer clit stim + penetration instead of just my clitoris, and I can also cum from just penetration. Practice makes perfect, but if you still can only cum from clit stuff don’t worry and def don’t complain!!! The clitoris is a magical little bundle of nerves. Also I you want, check out my Sex Tips page for tips on how to reach orgasm for women :) kiss

Here ya go MrsC….Just a little tip for ya.  MrJ

Why thank you MrJ 😈 MrsC

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